Skin Cyst Treatment

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What are Skin Cysts?

Skin cysts are relatively common and frequently treated by our physicians. The most commonly treated cysts are sebaceous cysts, which grow from the sebaceous glands on the face or neck.

What May Cause a Cyst?

Causes of various cysts will depend on location and various health factors.

Sebaceous cysts are caused by an accumulation of sebum. Epidermoid cysts form when keratin accumulates within the skin rather than shedding or sloughing off.

Certain genetic disorders or trauma to the skin may cause a cyst.

Skin Cyst Treatments

It is recommended to book an appointment with your physician to treat your cysts and avoid spreading the infection or worsening your symptoms. If the cyst is infected, your physician may choose to open and drain the cyst. And if you are prone to recurring infection, your physician may remove a small area of skin to prevent further recurrence. Alternatively, anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to aid in healing and swelling.

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