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Almost 50% of Americans are battling obesity. Unfortunately, eating a clean diet and exercising more isn’t as easy as it sounds, and many struggle to lose weight despite adopting healthy habits.

At Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine, we understand how frustrating it can be to find what works for you. Our board-certified physicians take the time to understand your unique struggles and ambitions so we can tailor our approach to suit your lifestyle. Our evidence-based approach means your personalized plan for weight loss is rooted in science. We’ll curate and adjust your plan by tracking your body’s responses by providing insights into your body composition, including muscle mass, fat percentage, and water distribution.

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What Makes Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine Different

We founded our practice to stand apart from traditional healthcare, streamlining your access to personalized primary and dermatological care.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine offers a revolutionary take on healthcare powered by the direct care model. This model is not limited by the same constraints as traditional practices, allowing our physicians to offer more than healthcare services. Our doctors are committed to building and maintaining partnerships with our patients to optimize their quality of life on every front. Concierge medicine empowers physicians to offer personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your specific goals while removing the frustrations of insurance battles and convoluted pricing.

Concierge Medicine

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Dr. Stella Villacorta

After her family moved from Montenegro to Chicago, Dr. Stella Villacorta pursued her passion for medicine and graduated from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. After completing her residency in Internal Medicine in 2018, Dr. Villacorta dedicated her career to treating patients like family and building long-term relationships with every patient she cares for. She prioritizes personalized and preventative healthcare that enhances patients’ day-to-day lives through an understanding and supportive approach.


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About Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine

You deserve accessible healthcare without the complications of convoluted insurance protocols. At Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine, we’ve eliminated these outdated financial restraints to simplify your experience with your primary care doctor and dermatologist. We always provide clear pricing beforehand, allowing you to make informed treatment decisions without the unnecessary stress of surprise fees. Our physicians are committed to offering medical care that stands apart in its personalization, so you can experience healthcare the way it should be.

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Why Concierge Medicine?

CARE BENEFITS Galt Dermatology
& Concierge Medicine
Traditional Medicine
Type of Care Proactive, preventive focus Reactive, problem-focused
Patient Volume Limited for personalized care Manages 2500-4000 patients, less personalized
Appointment Access Same/next-day, unlimited access Weeks to schedule, limited hours
Availability 24/7 access via phone, text, telehealth Mostly business hours
Appointment Length Longer, comprehensive sessions Short, often rushed
Insurance Handling No hassles, covered by membership Navigates insurance claims
Preventive Care Focus on early intervention Limited personalized prevention
Personalization Tailored health management Less personalized, limited by volume
Health Monitoring Continuous, advanced tech Reactive, limited
Health Outcomes Proactive care, better outcomes Varies, depends on patient activity
Mental Health Support Integrated support Often external referrals
Healthcare Navigation Assists with decision-making and coordination Self-managed referrals
Cost Transparency Clear costs, no surprises Costs vary due to insurance