Chapped + Wrinkled Lips? Why Lip Balm Isn’t Cutting It

Lucky for sunny South Florida winters, our climate is warm and bright all-year-long.

However, despite one of the most significant chapped-lip triggers aside, dry and wrinkled lips cause many men and women issues throughout every season. Regardless of age, size of lips, and the quality of your lip products, there is a deeper underlying reason why your lips are chronically dehydrated. Galt Dermatology’s Board-Certified Dermatologist treats patients each month who visit the office for cosmetic lip fillers. Below, he shares some insight into why lips may be dry no matter what you do and some options you will have with professional dermatologic care. 

“Just as I would suggest with Botox patients, somewhat restricting excessive movement or pursing of the lips will postpone signs of aging lips–and lines surrounding the lips. Chronically dry lips, especially in decently warm climates like South Florida, could indicate a deeper, underlying issue. Actinic Cheilitis is an inflammatory condition of the lips. It is common amongst mature women who have had excessive exposure to UV light.”

But don’t be quick to panic. Dr. Villacorta states, “However, Actinic Cheilitis isn’t incredibly common, and should be diagnosed by a Board-Certified Dermatologist. You can make significant changes in the appearance of your lips–even without injectable fillers.” Some options selected by Galt Dermatology’s physicians are outlined below.

Cosmetic Peels + Professional Laser Treatments.

No longer solely for fine lines & wrinkles or acne-prone skin, professional chemical peels and laser treatments have the power to take years off of the appearance of dehydrated + withered lips. 

Although peeling solutions and lasers are not applied directly to the lips, the skin around the lips may be resurfaced, restoring the lip’s appearance to be youthful and soft. Galt Dermatology offers our patients various chemical peels. Most notably, the Ultra-Blend TCA Peel treats dry and mature skin types. This peel is completely customized to the individual, as the solution is applied in layers. It truly has the power to eliminate signs of stress and photoaging. 

MD Microdermabrasion (Crystal-Free) is yet another effective treatment for rejuvenating the skin surrounding your lips. Our aesthetician performs a complimentary LED Treatment with each Microdermabrasion session, offering a series of six 50-minute treatments to yield a significant result.

Sculptra® Aesthetic

As we gradually age, the amount of collagen our body may produce begins to decline. Many women who enjoy wearing lipstick and similar lip products may find the product does not flatter their appearance the same way as it once did, or these products may dehydrate their lips to a greater degree. 

Unlike traditional Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers, Sculptra® Aesthetic does not contain any ingredients to fill the lips + lip borders. Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates your body’s own collagen production and will yield results for up to two years. The results will be subtle and natural-looking and ideal for any woman or man seeking a very natural-looking result. 

Anti-Aging Lip Treatments.

While traditional Chapstick may have soothed chapped lips throughout your adolescence, the results may be trivial as you mature or begin to experience severe lip chapping. Many lip treatments and lip serums today contain gentle exfoliating acids and/or Hyaluronic Acid, which draws moisture from the environment, holding it deep within the skin’s tissue. Many lip balms you may find at your local drugstore contain surface-conditioners such as Shea Butter and Beeswax, which act as a “shield” against harsh climates. This does not necessarily correlate to hydration beneath the surface.