Skin Cancer Screening in Fort Lauderdale

Life-Saving Skin Cancer Detection

Sessions Needed

1 -2 per year



Early Screenings You Can Depend On

As the most common cancer, skin cancer affects 1 in 5 Americans.

Noticing the early signs of melanoma and other skin cancers is crucial to reducing your risks. Early detection may minimize cancer’s toll on your mind and body and may reduce the need for more drastic treatment measures.

At Galt Dermatology, our physicians will perform your full-body skin cancer screening in Fort Lauderdale, prioritizing early detection and personalized care. Our direct care model ensures you receive focused, high-quality attention essential for prompt identification and effective treatment of skin cancer.

What It’s For

Detecting skin cancer

Identifying pre-cancerous growths

Diagnosing unknown spots or lumps

What To Expect

The Process for Skin Cancer Screenings

What Makes Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine Different

We founded this practice to reconnect physicians with their patients, providing the transformative personalized care you deserve—on your timeline.

What is Direct Care Dermatology?

We’ve curated our practice to maximize the time you can spend with your physician, allowing for more impactful results. As the first dermatology practice to invest in the direct care model in South Florida, Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine streamlines the process of seeing a doctor and removes the headaches of insurance co-pays. This grants our physicians the freedom to truly get to know you, so we can personalize every treatment accordingly.

Direct Care Dermatology

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At Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine, we’re redefining the patient experience. Our physicians combine science with artistry to improve your physical well-being in the way that suits you best. We’re committed to transparency on all fronts, simplifying healthcare, and providing the personalized care you deserve.

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