Sculptra in Fort Lauderdale

Collagen Stimulation for Natural Beauty

Sessions Needed




Results Duration

2 years

What It Treats

Lost cheek volume

Marionette lines

Nasolabial folds (smile lines)



Wrinkles above the knee

Crepey skin around the decolletage

Cellulite dimples

Customizable Sculptra for Optimal Skin

As your skin produces less collagen with every passing year, your skin’s framework weakens. Sculptra stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, gradually restoring lost volume and improving skin texture for a more youthful, refreshed look. Unlike traditional fillers, Sculptra offers long-lasting results, with improvements lasting up to two years or more.
At Galt Dermatology, Dr. Villacorta, a board-certified dermatologist, personally administers each Sculptra treatment. Through expert injection techniques, Dr. Villacorta achieves natural-looking results that enhance your appearance by rejuvenating your skin from within.

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The Process for Sculptra

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The success of our mission to redefine healthcare relies on our physicians' attention to detail, ongoing support, and ability to deliver excellent medical results. We're committed to providing care that exceeds your expectations, with an unparalleled patient experience to match.

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We founded our practice to provide top-tier primary care and dermatology—care that isn’t limited by the constraints of the traditional healthcare system. The direct care model allows our doctors to focus on building stronger relationships with our patients and eliminates unnecessary hoops. Join us as we reimagine what healthcare looks like: transparent, relaxed, and personalized.

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Post-Care Instructions

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