How Much Does A Dermatologist Cost?

Transparent Healthcare Pricing

Ever found yourself questioning if it's possible to know the cost of seeing a dermatologist before booking the appointment?

Imagine this: You want to see a dermatologist and you know your health is important, but the costs seem daunting, almost intimidating. You're left wondering, "How much will a dermatology appointment cost me without insurance?"

The uncertainty can be agonizing. You've probably experienced that sinking feeling - visiting a doctor's office or the ER, completely in the dark about what the final bill will be. The sticker shock of receiving the medical bills months later can be overwhelming, a feeling becoming all too familiar with the rise of high deductible plans and the increasing number of people without health insurance.

But healthcare shouldn't be this complicated. You deserve the right to see your doctor without the constant worry of insurance hassles and billing nightmares.

Welcome to Galt Dermatology, where we 'derm' differently.

Our aim? Redefining dermatology care by offering:

  • Simplicity: We eliminate complex insurance protocols and billing processes.
  • Transparency: You know the cost upfront, no hidden fees or surprise bills.
  • 6-Star Patient Experience: Expert care, honest communication, exceptional service.

Navigate your skin health journey with confidence. At Galt Dermatology, we combine expert dermatological care with genuine honesty for a simpler, transparent, and an unparalleled patient experience. Because you deserve nothing less.

Time For Your Skin®

Benefits Of Our Direct Care Model

Expert Advice

Experience the highest level of care at each appointment. With us, you'll meet directly with a board-certified dermatologist every time you visit. No substitutes, no stand-ins, just consistent, expert dermatological care tailored to your unique skin health needs. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your skin is in the hands of a seasoned professional at every single visit.

Transparent Pricing

We're setting new standards in the industry with our commitment to clear, online pricing. In a world where healthcare costs can often be a mystery, we're taking a different route. We believe you should know the cost of your visit before you walk in the door. No surprises, no hidden fees, just honest and transparent pricing. Since when do doctors do that? At our clinic, it's our standard. Because when it comes to your health, you deserve full clarity."

Relaxed Extended Visits

In a world that's always in a hurry, we believe in taking our time. We offer 15 and 30 minute appointments, ensuring you're never rushed through your visit. From in-depth discussions to comprehensive examinations, we provide the time you need for a complete understanding of your skin health. And with our policy against overbooking or double booking, you can count on undivided attention from your dermatologist during your visit. Because your care deserves our full focus and commitment."

No Insurance Hassles

Say goodbye to the struggles of managing copays, waiting on prior authorizations, or handling insurance headaches. At our clinic, we've simplified the process, so you can focus on what truly matters - your health. With us, it's dermatology delivered with unparalleled ease and simplicity.

Please note: For our patients covered by Medicare, adherence to Medicare guidelines, including potential copays or deductibles, is necessary. We're here to guide you through this process, ensuring clarity and understanding at every step.

Available Appointments

In the fast-paced world we live in, waiting weeks to see a dermatologist isn't practical. We understand how important quick access to care can be. That's why we proudly offer same week appointments, ensuring that professional help is always within your reach when you need it. Whether it's a pressing concern or a routine check, you won't have to endure long waits. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with prompt, readily available dermatological care."

Save Your Money

We're here to ensure you get the most value out of your dermatological care. From our special rates on lab specimens and bloodwork, to our in-house pharmacy dispensing, we've made every effort to streamline your experience and make it as cost-effective as possible. With our top-tier lab partnerships and convenient in-office pharmacy, you won't need to compromise on quality or convenience to get affordable care. Experience the ease of comprehensive dermatological care that respects both your health and your financial well-being.

Clear costs, clear mind. Know medical pricing before the appointment.

Time For Your Skin®

Medical Dermatology Rates

New Patient / Full Skin Checks
  • Up to 30 minutes with the physician
  • Appointment for all new patients and for full body skin checks
Follow Up Established Patient
  • Up to 15 minutes with the physician
  • Appointment to follow up on a skin concern. 
  • Not a full body skin check appointment
  • Liquid nitrogen freezings for precancerous growths, irritated growths, and warts.
Medicare Pts
Per Medicare Rules
  • Medicare patients are billed per Medicare guidelines and are not eligible for direct care pricing.
Per Medicare Rules
Skin Biopsy Price
  • A single, flat rate charge applies to all biopsies performed during your visit.
Specimen Lab Price
  • Each biopsy or excision creates a specimen that is sent to the lab for analysis, incurring a specimen lab price per item.
  • This charge is for the outside pathology lab and is incurred for each specimen.
  • You have the option to submit these lab specimens under your insurance for potential coverage.
No Show / Late Cancel
  • Cancel 24 hours ahead, avoid a no-show charge.
Medication Prior Authorization

Time For Your Skin® is our direct to patient preferred pricing model. We offer 15-minute and 30-minute appointments to address your medical concerns.

Your visit includes cryosurgery freezing treatment for pre-cancerous growths or warts during your appointment time. There is no separate charge and you only pay one price no matter how many of these growths are treated during your visit.

You are not charged separately for every pre-cancerous freezing treatment. 

This added value can save you money compared to practices that take private insurance.

All new patients are scheduled for a full 30-minute medical dermatology appointment to allow sufficient time to review your medical history, perform a full-body skin examination, and address all your dermatological concerns.

Follow up appointments for a skin condition are scheduled for 15 minutes, but the longer 30 minute appointment can be scheduled if you want more time with Dr. Villacorta.

Appointments for full body skin checks are always scheduled for 30 minutes.

Read our frequently asked questions for more information.

Welcoming Medicare Patients in Fort Laurderdale


Our downtown Fort Lauderdale location proudly accepts Medicare patients, offering them the same high-quality dermatological care we're known for. However, it's important to note that patients covered by Medicare have unique billing requirements. Due to specific Medicare guidelines, we must bill these patients differently than our Time For Your Skin® direct care dermatology model. But rest assured, our commitment to transparency, quality care, and patient satisfaction remains the same. At our clinic, we're passionate about providing exceptional dermatology services to all members of our community."

Frequently Asked Questions

We only accept Medicare and PHP patients covered by the AIDS Health Foundation. We are considered out of network for all private insurances giving our patients the freedom to choose any physician they want.

We kindly ask that you call the office at 954-463-5406 to schedule an appointment and inform our staff that you are covered by Medicare.

Yes, you can still use your health insurance for prescriptions at your pharmacy.

We try to prescribe generics as much as possible. That being said even some generic medications have increased dramatically in price. If that is the case, we will work to find alternatives medications or pharmacies to assist you.

We have negotiated a special rate with the pathology lab for $75 per specimen. We collect this charge on behalf of the patient and pay the lab directly so patients won't receive another bill.

If you wish to use your commercial medical insurance for laboratory charges then please inform the office at the time of your visit. Keep in mind that depending on your insurance the commercial insurance rate may be higher than our negotiated rate.

Payment is due at checkout for all medical, cosmetic, and surgical visits. We accept all credit, Health Savings Account (HSA), and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) cards. We will hold your credit card information in our secure processing system at the time of booking. Charges will be applied for no-shows and cosmetic and surgical deposits. HSA and FSA cards must be used for non-cosmetic services. Some procedures may require a deposit at the time of booking.

All new patients require a consultation (30-minute visit) to review medical history and to receive a full skin examination. Please arrive early to complete the new patient paperwork.  Certain appointments such as surgical and cosmetic procedures will require a deposit to reserve your appointment.

We believe that you should be seen by a board certified physician at each visit. Our practice does not employ any physician assistants or nurse practitioners.

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation

Pursuing beauty means enhancing your natural attributes and boosting self-confidence. With Dr. Villacorta, a board certified dermatologist, you'll discover your true potential.

Dr. Villacorta takes a personalized approach, focusing on your unique goals for a look that's truly you. Utilizing the latest in cosmetic dermatology, he emphasizes subtle, natural-looking results to highlight your inherent beauty.

Ready for a confidence boost that feels natural and uniquely you? Book a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Villacorta today. Your journey to a more self-assured you starts here.

Time For Your Skin®

Surgical Dermatology Rates

Dr. Villacorta specializes in performing skin surgery under local anesthesia right in our outpatient office. Our approach ensures a convenient and comfortable experience for our patients.

Surgical rates at our office are based on time spent in surgery, offering an upfront understanding of the procedure costs. The following table provides an approximate time for common surgical procedures, making it easy for you to estimate the costs involved.

Mohs surgery, typically reserved for surgical treatment of skin cancer on the face, scalp, hands, feet, and genitalia, is also performed for rare forms of skin cancer or in cases where skin cancer has recurred. Although this specialized surgery is not available at our office, we consider it an important part of comprehensive skin care and cancer treatment.

To ensure that our patients receive the best care possible, we maintain a close working relationship with a number of esteemed dermatologists in our community who specialize in the Mohs procedure.

If you require Mohs surgery for treatment, rest assured that our commitment to your care does not stop at our office door. We facilitate a seamless transition to one of our trusted community physicians, working hand in hand with them throughout the process. Your health and care are our top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the appropriate treatment, whether that's within our office or through a community partner.

Wound Check /
Suture Removal
and Curettage (ED&C)
  • "Scrape and burn" treatment for superficial non-melanoma skin cancers
Surgery - 20 min or less
  • Cyst Incision and Drainage (I&D)
Surgery - 40 min or less
  • Skin Cancer Excision & Repair (BCC and SCC)
  • Cyst Excision & Repair
Surgery - 60 min or less
  • Melanoma Excision & Repair
Specimen Lab Price
  • Each excision creates a specimen that is sent to the lab for analysis.
  • This charge is for the outside pathology lab and is incurred for each specimen.
  • You have the option to submit these lab specimens under your insurance for potential coverage.

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