Dermatology Jobs in Fort Lauderdale

Professional Opportunities

Connection is Our Priority

At Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine, our primary concern is building lasting partnerships with our patients.

We believe that, beyond medical expertise and experience, physicians and team members must be passionate about connecting with people to provide exceptional personalized care. If you’re interested in applying your knowledge to nurture long-term patient relationships, we invite you to learn more about our primary care and dermatology jobs in Fort Lauderdale.

Our History

Our concierge medicine and primary care is provided by Enya Health.

Dr. Villacorta founded Galt Dermatology & Concierge Medicine with a mission to streamline dermatological care. Noticing the limitations of the traditional healthcare system, we adopted the direct care model to maximize accessibility and minimize insurance-related cost inflation.

As the first direct-care dermatology practice in South Florida, we expanded our commitment by partnering with Enya Health to provide concierge medicine services. This partnership empowers our physicians to offer personalized primary care, upholding the same values of our dermatological approach. Through this collaboration, we’re further transforming the healthcare industry by demonstrating the many benefits of a modern model that prioritizes the patient’s experience.

Our Services

Our Goals

Our mission is to redefine the patient experience, ensuring you receive the care you’ve always wished for and truly deserve. We aim to revolutionize dermatological and primary care by prioritizing patients’ unique needs and streamlining their experiences through transparency and accessibility.

What We Value

A Person-Centric Environment

Our doctors don’t see their role as any other job. We’ve curated a friendly, family-oriented work environment where we treat patients like they are our family members. If you’re seeking primary care or dermatology Jobs in Fort Lauderdale that prioritize people, we invite you to join us in our mission to redefine the healthcare industry through a compassionate, understanding approach.


We’re dedicated to ongoing learning and growth. If you’re interested in primary care and dermatology jobs in Fort Lauderdale, contact our team to learn more about our unique opportunities.

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