Sebaceous Hyperplasia (Overactive Oil Glands)

Best Dermatologist For Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment In Fort Lauderdale

What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Sebaceous hyperplasia is the medical term used to describe enlarged oil glands in the skin. Patients often complain that they notice more bumps on the face. These spots may look like enlarged pores and are often confused with basal cell carcinomas. Sebaceous hyperplasia comonly appears on the cheeks, nose, forehead, or chin. 

These glands are entirely asymptomatic and treated for cosmetic reasons. However, it is crucial to have your dermatologist assess any irritated, painful, bleeding, or swelling skin.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Causes

There is no known, primary cause for sebaceous hyperplasia, but hormones are known to play a role in the appearance of these glands. Genetic factors, as well as various lifestyle habits, may also influence the condition. 

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatments

Treatment isn't required but provided for cosmetic concerns. Your dermatologist will find the solution that is best for you, and conventional treatments may include:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgical excision

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