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What are Angiomas?

Angiomas on the skin are commonly diagnosed as either cherry angiomas or spider angiomas. These lesions are small harmless papules formed from cells that make up the walls of blood vessels.

Cherry angiomas, given their name for their appearance, are commonly bright red, round, and slightly elevated on the skin's surface, and can range in size from a grain of rice to half an inch.

Spider angiomas, given their name for their bright red spots, surrounded by dilated blood vessels and capillaries, are common to adults, especially those suffering from kidney disease, or autoimmune disorders.

Causes of angiomas are still unknown, but evidence points to age and genetics being the main factors for cherry angiomas and hormones for spider angiomas.

Angioma Diagnosis

In rare instances, nodular melanomas may have a similar appearance to an angiokeratoma. Angiomas are diagnosed clinically but a biopsy may be performed for confirmation. Speak with your doctor or schedule for a skin evaluation if you are concerned about a skin lesion.

Angioma Treatments

Angiomas are easy to treat, and most patients choose to do so for cosmetic reasons. Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen), electrocautery, and lasers are utilized to remove angiomas. Laser treatments are highly effective, and results can be seen in 1-3 sessions. Should you choose to have yours removed, laser methods require little to no downtime and are non-invasive.

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