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Most people feel younger than they look.

We understand how frustrating this disconnection can be. Beyond negatively affecting your confidence, premature aging due to sun exposure can also pose significant health risks, including skin cancer. At Galt Dermatology, our doctors offer the leading preventative care, wrinkle reversal, volume replenishment, and sun spot removal in Fort Lauderdale.

What is Sun Damage?

UV rays penetrate your skin’s melanin cells, creating a “tanned” appearance. However, both the sun and tanning beds permanently change your skin at a cellular level. As these changes accumulate over time, your skin loses its elasticity. This not only leads to cosmetic concerns but also significantly increases your chances of developing skin cancer.

Sunscreen acts as a shield—reflecting UV rays. While proper skincare and sunscreen is crucial for preventing damage, no sunscreen formula completely blocks rays, so it’s best to limit your exposure.

What Sun Damage Treatments Address

While some sun damage is a natural part of the aging process, overexposure to UV light and smoking contribute to premature aging. Reversing these visible signs and incorporating preventative care into your routine is the most effective way to replenish your skin’s weakened framework.

Sun spots/age spots

Wrinkles and fine lines

Lost volume

Poor hydration

Crepy skin

Uneven skin texture

What To Expect

Getting Sun Spot Removal

Available Sun Damage Treatments

Wrinkles, lost volume, and sun spots are the most common signs of sun damaged skin. Our dermatologists will build your treatment plan around your skin concerns and goals, accounting for your skin’s unique anatomy.

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CARE BENEFITS Galt Dermatology
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Traditional Medicine
Type of Care Proactive care; focuses on preventing health issues before they arise. Reactive care; typically addresses problems as they occur.
Patient Volume Limited patients for personalized care Manages 2500-4000 patients, less personalized
Appointment Access Same-day/next-day appointments, unlimited access Weeks to schedule, limited by office hours
24/7 Availability Direct 24/7 access to care via phone, text, and telehealth Access mostly during business hours.
Appointment Length Longer, detailed sessions focused on comprehensive care Short, often rushed visits focused on immediate issues
Insurance Handling No insurance hassles; services covered by membership fee. Dealing with insurance claims and coverage.
Preventive Care Emphasizes early intervention and wellness Limited scope for personalized preventive care
Personalization Tailored health management based on in-depth patient knowledge Less personalized due to patient volume and time limits
Health Monitoring Continuous monitoring with advanced tech Reactive, with limited monitoring
Health Outcomes Better outcomes due to proactive care Varies, dependent on patient proactivity
Mental Health Support Integrated mental health support Often requires external referrals
Healthcare Navigation Assists with healthcare decisions and coordination Patients manage their own specialist referrals
Cost Transparency Clear cost structures, no unexpected bills Unpredictable cost due to insurance