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Galt Dermatology Specializes in Mole Screenings

Most adults have between 10 and 40 moles (or nevi) across their body.

While not all moles are harmful, about 25% of melanomas occur within existing moles.

Dr. Villacorta recommends comprehensive full-body skin examinations for all of his patients to screen for problematic moles and moles that could become a problem down the road. Beyond preventing skin cancers, our physicians can also perform mole removal in Fort Lauderdale for cosmetic reasons, restoring your even complexion.

What Are Moles?

Moles appear as small flat or raised growths on your skin’s surface. These can be skin-colored or darker than the surrounding skin.

Most moles form when your melanin cells cluster together. New moles don’t typically develop after the age of 30. When you are born with a mole, dermatologists refer to it as a congenital nevus. These moles can grow larger over time—sometimes reaching up to several inches in diameter. They require close monitoring by a dermatologist because they increase your risk of developing melanoma.

What Mole Removal Addresses

Removing moles can help address precancerous cells before they become a serious problem. Atypical moles are also easier to treat than skin cancer. The sooner treatment can take place, the better the outcomes tend to be. Please keep in mind that scarring is a potential outcome of mole removal in Fort Lauderdale. Your doctor will provide in-depth instructions for minimizing scarring when possible.

"Suspicious" or precancerous moles

Cancerous moles

Unwanted moles

What To Expect

The Process for Mole Removal

Available Mole Removal Treatments

Effectively removing problematic moles allows you to reclaim confidence in your skin and reduces the risks of skin cancers so you can live every day to the fullest. It’s important to note that although moles can be removed with a single treatment, scheduling annual screenings with your doctor is crucial to maintaining healthy skin.

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