First Direct Care Dermatologist in Fort Lauderdale FL

You have probably experienced the frustration with today’s healthcare system where impersonalized care, long wait times, decreased quality of care, and high costs with soaring deductibles are all too common. Whatever happened to the physician that knew you personally and fostered the patient-doctor relationship? Have we lost the essence of medicine and the art of practicing medicine?

Former NASA engineer and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Miguel Villacorta, owner and founder of Galt Dermatology, partnered with longtime and well known local dermatologist Dr. Peter Babinski to introduce new healthcare model to our community as the first direct care dermatologist in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dr. Babinski has been practicing dermatology in our community for over 40 years providing care to patients with Medicare and those insured by the Aids Health Foundation. “Through the partnership with Dr. Villacorta, we can provide dermatology for all granting patients freedom of choice in their healthcare.”

Who is Galt Derm? 

Galt Dermatology is the first Direct Care Dermatology practice in South Florida providing medical, surgical, and cosmetic services to adult and pediatric patients. This healthcare model cuts out third parties that often interfere and dictate your care. With this model, the relationship is directly between the patient and the physician. “This is medicine – the way it used to be – with a return and focus on the patient/doctor relationship allowing for more personalized and affordable care,” says Dr. Villacorta. “Having the freedom to practice without co-pays, prior authorizations, or third party interventions allows us to be completely transparent with our pricing and gives patients the time and the care they deserve.” Direct Care Dermatology is not a VIP or concierge model of medicine but rather allows for affordable care especially to those with no insurance or high deductibles. At Galt you are always seen by a board-certified dermatologist and pricing is listed online so patients know their healthcare costs ahead of time.

The direct care dermatology model has existed for close to a decade and the movement has been gaining popularity across the country. A directory of other direct care dermatology practices can be found at