Direct Care Dermatology

What is Direct Care Dermatology?

The direct care dermatology model offers our patients personalized dermatologic care, transparent pricing, longer and more relaxed visits, and most patients pay less for their dermatologic care compared to the traditional healthcare model.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Galt Dermatology you are seen by a board-certified physician, not by a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. In our practice, you will always interact, be cared for, and be advised by a physician specifically trained in the field dermatology with over 10,000 hours of residency training. 

You Deserve a Better Dermatology Experience

Book with our board-certified dermatologist. Same-day or same week appointments available.

Is Your Doctor Board Certified?

Many "dermatologists" are neither physicians nor are they board certified.

Training Matters.

Lookup who is providing your care. You deserve to be cared for by a true skin expert - a board certified dermatologist.

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Cut the fat

Eliminating Barriers To Your Care

Direct care dermatology, also referred to as direct pay dermatology, seeks to remove all intermediary parties such as government and insurance regulations that erode the patient-doctor relationship. With direct care, there are no copays, no billing of insurance, and no prior authorizations required. The pricing structure is transparent and listed online. Direct care practices are considered out of network allowing patients the freedom to choose their physicians.


Benefits of Direct Care Dermatology


  • Longer, relaxed, and more comprehensive visits
  • Same day or same week appointments.
  • Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, and Cosmetic Dermatology Services


  • Eliminate the middlemen interfering with your care 
  • Seen by a board-certified dermatology physician on every visit
  • Additional choice for those with no insurance or high deductibles


  • Price transparency
    • There are no unknown or hidden costs.
    • Our fees are listed online so you know what you owe before your visit.
  • No surprise bills in the mail

Time For Your Skin™

Time For Your Skin™ is our direct care dermatology pricing model. We offer 15-minute and 30-minute appointments to address your medical concerns. If a minor procedure such as cryosurgery for the treatment of precancers or biopsies is required, then your appointment will be upgraded to a procedural visit. Minor procedures are not individually charged. For example, if you need multiple biopsies, you are charged the corresponding procedural visit based on the appointment length and are not charged for each biopsy.

We are required to bill Medicare rates for those patients covered by Medicare. Dr. Villacorta accepts Medicare patients under the practice of Peter Babinksi MD PA, which shares office space with Galt Dermatology. 

All new patients are scheduled for a full 30-minute medical dermatology appointment to allow sufficient time to review your medical history, perform a full-body skin examination, and address all your dermatological concerns.

Follow up appointments are scheduled based on your specific needs and are 15-minute or 30-minute appointments.

Cosmetic appointments are billed by procedure and scheduled accordingly.

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