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What is the Botox Lip Flip Treatment?

The Botox Lip Flip treatment is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting Botox or Dysport into the superficial fibers of the muscle around the mouth. This circular muscle is called the obicularis oris and acts like a purse-string allowing us to open and close our mouth.

Botox relaxes these superficial muscle fibers allowing the wet lip to roll or "flip" outward, giving your lips a more prominent poutier look. This technique doesn't add volume but instead provides a subtle enhancement.   

As we age, the cutaneous upper lip lengthens, causing the wet lip to roll inward. This natural lengthening causes our lips to appear thinner, especially when smiling. 

The lip flip procedure is most commonly associated with Botox, but other neuromodulators such as Dysport, Xeomin, or Jeuveau can achieve similar results. However, keep in mind that this procedure is an off label use with all the neuromodulators. Having this procedure performed by a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Villacorta is the best way to ensure optimal results and safe injection techniques.

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Average Recovery
6-8 weeks
6-8 weeks
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Is Botox Lip Flip the same as Lip Filler Injections?

No, both treatments help to enhance the lips, but they are different. The lip flip procedure is performed with neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport. Lip filler injections are achieved with hyaluronic dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm.

Botox and Dysport help smooth fine lines and wrinkles and are commonly used on the upper third of the face. They work by relaxing the injected muscle, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and inhibits new wrinkles from forming. Restylane and Juvederm add volume and definition by physically taking up space and attracting water within the tissue.

What Are The Benefits Of The Botox Lip Flip Treatment?

The Botox Lip Flip treatment provides benefits such as improving your lips without looking overfilled and increasing the projection of your pout.

Did you know there the other benefits of this treatment? These additional benefits include:

  • Minimizing lip lines or smoker lines
  • Saving money compared to dermal lip fillers
  • Testing to see if you'd like a subtle lip enhancement before deciding if lip fillers are right for you

Considerations For Botox Lip Flip

  • Subtle lip projection
  • Reduce smoker's line
  • Improve the appearance of your upper lip when you smile
  • A lip enhancement without adding volume to your lip
  • Shorter-term improvement compared to Botox on the other areas of the face

Considerations For Dermal Lip Filler

  • Add volume to the lips
  • Create more defined lips
  • Improve lip symmetry 
  • Looking for a longer-term improvement (6-9 months)

At Galt Dermatology, we offer both types of lip treatments and are happy to discuss your aesthetic goals and treatment options with you. 

What To Expect With The Botox Lip Flip Treatment?

Creating the perfect lips takes knowledge of facial symmetry, lip proportions, proper technique, and well placed injectable product. Various methods and injectables can be combined to produce the most natural best-looking lips.

You will meet Dr. Villacorta to discuss your medical history, risks, and to determine if the Botox lip flip is right for you.

We will before and after photos and your face will be cleaned and prepped with a surgical cleanser to minimize the risk of infections.

How Long Does The Lip Flip Procedure Take?

The Botox Lip Flip procedure takes less than five minutes to perform. You could even squeeze it in during your lunch break. However, expect your visit to take 10-15 minutes for paperwork and cleansing of your skin. 

Does The Botox Lip Flip Injection Hurt?

At Galt Dermatology, we use ultra-fine needles to minimize the discomfort. Patients tolerate the procedure well and are quite surprised that the discomfort is minimal and brief. After the procedure, we will provide you with an ice pack to help soothe the area. Patients can expect to go back to work or resume daily activities immediately after the procedure. 

What Happens After The Botox Lip Flip Procedure?

After the procedure you can go about your day normally.  Expect any pinpoint bleeding, swelling, or tenderness to improve throughout the day. You can wear makeup 12 hours after the procedure. Avoid strenuous activity and avoid working out for a day.  In a few days you will start to feel some of the effects of Botox but the full effect takes 2 weeks. 

Botox Lip Flip Before and After

Botox Lip Flip Frequently Asked Questions

The Botox lip flip is an affordable option, especially compared to dermal lip fillers. The price of the Botox lip flip treatment at Galt Dermatology is $175 per treatment.

The Botox Lip Flip is discounted at $100 when combined with a same-day Botox treatment for frown lines, forehead lines, or crow's feet.

All cosmetic injections have an inherent risk of pain, swelling, bleeding, and infection. Injecting Botox in the wrong location or too deep can lead to side effects that could prevent you from using your mouth appropriately and cause you to be unable to drink from a straw.

Ensure that your injector is not only a physician but a qualified board-certified dermatologist that understands not only the risks but knows how to manage possible complications—training matters.

You should expect to start seeing some results within about 5-7 days. Botox will reach its maximum effect within two weeks.

The results of the botox lip flip are not permanent, and the effects last about 2-3 months. Patients that have a very high metabolism or workout a lot may experience a shorter duration. 

Botox lip flip is a subtle correction which rolls the lip outward (hence the term "lip flipping") by relaxing the muscles around the mouth. This creates the appearance of a fuller lip without adding volume.

If your aesthetic goals are for more definition of your lips or if you are looking to change your lip shape, then lip enhancement with dermal filler may be a better option. Some patients may benefit from a combination treatment plan to achieve their desired look. Dr. Villacorta is happy to sit down with you to discuss your aesthetic goals and review your personalized treatment options.

Botox injections occur most commonly on the upper 1/3 of the face, but it also used for cosmetic enhancements on other areas of the face such as: 

  • Treatment to correct a "gummy smile"
  • Smooth wrinkles around the mouth
  • Lift the corners of the mouth

View our interactive facial map to see common areas where Botox is used

Botox is not FDA approved for injections around the mouth, but it is used off label by trained professionals. Before you have any cosmetic procedure, make sure your injector is a qualified board-certified physician. 

If you would like a natural enhancement to your lips but have always been afraid of getting lip fillers, then consider the lip flip procedure.

We recommend that you set up a cosmetic consultation appointment to meet Dr. Villacorta, see what options are best for you, and formulate a personalized treatment plan. We recommend having a face to face conversation with your physician to discuss all your concerns and answer all your questions.

Patients who should avoid the botox lip flip are those: 

  • Under the age of 18
  • Pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or currently breastfeeding
  • Who have had a previous adverse reaction to Botox
  • Who have a history of autoimmune or neuromuscular disease such as myasthenia gravis or multiple sclerosis.
  • Patients who have had dental procedures two weeks prior or are planning any dental procedures two weeks after.  

Yes, of course. One of the backbones of cosmetic practice is to attain natural-looking results by applying the correct product in the correction location and depth. Dr. Villacorta believes that cosmetic procedures should enhance your natural beauty instead of manufacture it. He does not believe in overtreating, and his style of practice aims for symmetric and natural-looking enhancements instead of the overdone and overly filled looks.

Natural, Subtle Lip Enhancement

The desire to have fuller lips has been a growing trend and continues to gain popularity. Whether you are looking for a subtle lift, more definition, or a plumper pout, lip procedures have become all the craze.

Although lip filler is the most commonly used product to give lips fullness and plump, for a subtle natural lip enhancement without lip filler, the Botox lip flip can achieve natural results with little to no downtime.

Botox Lip Flip Near Me

Where can I get the Botox lip flip near me?

Galt Dermatology is now offering the Botox Lip Flip treatment in Fort Lauderdale, as an alternative to traditional lip filler injections.

To schedule, please call our office at 954-463-5406 or schedule your appointment online.

Botox Lip Flip Treatment
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