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Skin Type Solutions: Skincare, Uncomplicated

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Reclaim your confidence and achieve dream-skin with a customized routine developed by expert dermatologists, just for you.

Galt Dermatology is proud to offer Skin Type Solutions, a revolutionary online skin care tool designed for your unique skin type.

Personalized Skin Care Regimen

Mary N

“My skin type assessment with Dr. Villacorta is the best thing I've done for my skin! Finally, an in-depth skin evaluation together with a customized product regimen. Dr. Villacorta is extremely knowledgeable and took his time to address all my questions and concerns.

Thank you Dr. Villacorta!! I can't wait for my next follow up to show you how great my skin looks!”

Beyond Scratching The Surface

Skin Health BarriersTraditional skin-typing classifies yours as oily, dry or combination. Skin Type Solutions goes deeper, carefully assessing your skin through a scientifically validated questionnaire, and finding a suitable routine beautifully customized to you. 

Skin Type Solutions was created by best-selling author and board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann. Through her research, Dr. Baumann has identified four major parameters which are the basis for identifying the 16 unique skin types. 

These four parameters are:

  • Oily vs Dry
  • Sensitive vs Resistant
  • Pigmented vs Non-Pigmented
  • Wrinkle-Prone vs Tight

Your Personalized Skin Care Regimen

The best way to optimize your skin’s function, health, and appearance is with the proper combination of skincare products. The Skin Type Solutions regimen combines various well-known skincare brands and propriety brands to address your specific needs and aesthetic goals. All skincare products must undergo and pass a 4-6-month research approval process before they are eligible to be incorporated into the Skin Type Solutions system.

After completing the 3-5-minute scientifically validated skin type quiz, you will be able to discuss your results, and build your personalized regimen with Dr. Villacorta.

Skin Type Solutions holds multiple patents for Dr. Baumann's research on utilizing these unique skin parameters to identify your unique skin type. Utilizing this patented algorithm, we can

  1. Identify your specific skin type after taking a 3-5 minute scientifically validated skin type quiz.
  2. Dr. Villacorta will then meet with you in person, or via a Teledermatology platform, to build your personalized regimen and answer any questions you may have. 

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Skin Type Solutions FAQ

Skin Type Solutions is the only scientifically validated and patented skin type questionnaire where you discuss your results and your personalized skin care regimen with a board certified dermatologist. In addition, you get a live one on one consultation and follow ups with the doctor to achieve your skin care goals. 

As a board certified osteopathic dermatologist, Dr. Villacorta approaches skin care by addressing the specific needs of each individual patient in a holistic manner.

The Skin Type Solutions skin type quiz helps to understand your unique skin function, health history, allergies, and susceptibility to infection or irritation. 

Products purchased online are delivered conveniently to your home. This allows you to achieve your skin care goals without having to leave your home. 

You can also purchase products from our practice which is conveniently located in downtown Fort Lauderdale just off of Las Olas Boulevard.

The amount of time needed to see a rejuvenated, smoother, more even-toned skin will depend on the exact patient and the level of correction required. With consistent use of the regimen, some people may note benefits almost immediately, but on average, you should expect to see results after a month. 

Over the last decade, over 200,000 people have used the Skin Type Solutions skin type quiz to identify their skin type and improve their skin.

As you see your skin improve with the program you may progress to a different skin type. You can always retake the free quiz and discuss your progress with Dr. Villacorta.

Of course! You will be able to log into your regimen online or download the app on your phone to review your regimen, purchase additional products, or share your results with your friends and family. We also love hearing back from our patients and are always happy to receive written and video testimonials.

Personalized Skin Care Routines That Work

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