Dr. Stella Villacorta

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, D.O.

about Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta

Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta, DO, is a board-certified internal medicine physician who combines extensive medical expertise with a deep commitment to personalized patient care. Born in a small town in Montenegro, she immigrated to the United States at age six amidst the turmoil of war in the early 1990s. Her early dream of becoming a physician, sparked at just five years old, has driven her through a journey of resilience and determination. Her upbringing in an immigrant household imbued her with a tenacious work ethic, propelling her through the rigors of the American educational landscape.

Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta’s academic pursuits at Loyola University Chicago culminated in honors degrees in Biology and Psychology, setting the stage for her medical training at Nova Southeastern Medical School. Her residency at Broward Health Medical Center, a level 1 trauma facility, offered her a diverse clinical experience, from outpatient primary care to the intensive care unit, laying a solid foundation for her versatile medical practice.

Furthering her expertise, Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta completed additional training in nutrition at Stanford University. Her career in outpatient primary care has spanned various settings, from traditional clinics to telehealth, focusing on common primary care concerns and specialized areas like women’s health, chronic disease management, weight management, preventive medicine, and early cancer detection.

The founding of her concierge primary care practice marks a milestone in her career, emphasizing personalized care, a proactive stance on disease prevention, health optimization, and patient empowerment. This practice is not just about treating ailments but about forming a synergistic partnership with patients to enhance their overall well-being, integrating advanced diagnostics and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta mirrors her professional ethos in her personal life, embracing outdoor pursuits, culinary exploration,  quality family time, and continuous learning. She seeks to enrich her knowledge in areas pivotal to her practice, like hormone balance, longevity, and nutrition.  

For those seeking a partner in their healthcare journey, Dr. Stella Kocovic Villacorta’s concierge practice offers a unique model of care, prioritizing patient well-being, timely and comprehensive treatment, proactive health management, and a deep commitment to individual health goals.