Learn Exactly How Much It Cost To See A Dermatologist And Reduce Your Healthcare Spending

We have all worried about not knowing what is the cost to see a dermatologist before our appointment. We anticipate the countless medical bills in the mail and the dreaded fight with the insurance company. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone more cost-conscious, as many are losing their jobs and health insurance. 

In 2019, President Trump unveiled price transparency rules for hospitals; however, implementing it will be a nightmare. There is no price accountability in our healthcare system. Our healthcare system is the only industry where patients walk in to seek care with a ‘blank check’ in hand. Only after receiving care are patients informed of the price.

To make matters worse, third parties interfere with the whole process. Have you ever called the insurance company to find out the doctor didn’t submit the claim correctly to find out from the doctor that the insurance company didn’t process the claim correctly? Everyone is pointing fingers, and you, the patient, are caught in the middle.  

Local Doctor Offers Affordable Dermatology Visits With Transparent Pricing

Galt Dermatology is the only dermatology practice in Fort Lauderdale that offers complete price transparency. Our patients are aware of the costs before making an appointment by listing the prices for medical and surgical visits on our website. We call it the Time For Your Skin® direct care model. Our patients benefit from not paying any copays or deductibles, and they avoid all the insurance hassles.

By law, those with Medicare must be billed per Medicare guidelines. Still, our pricing model is an affordable option for those that don’t have health insurance, and it gives patients with high-deductible plans an additional choice in care.

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Galt Dermatology is the only direct care dermatology practice in South Florida. We see both men and women of all ages in the Fort Lauderdale area. Trust your skin health to our dedicated team and to our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Villacorta. To schedule your initial consultation, please call our office at 954-463-5406 or schedule your appointment online.