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What Is Latisse?

Latisse is the first FDA-approved prescription treatment for sparse or brittle eyelashes. In time, consistent use of Latisse works to thicken, strengthen, and darken eyelash hair. Latisse is also used as an off-label treatment to enhance and thicken eyebrows.

How Do I Use Latisse?

Apply Latisse only to cleansed and dry skin. Apply 1 small drop of the product with the brush-on applicator along the lashline as if applying eyeliner. Blot away any excess product. Results are typically noted after 8 weeks of consistent use and will achieve the most significant effect after 16 weeks. Please keep in mind that discontinued use will not aid in continual results.


Are There Any Side Effects That I Should Be Concerned With?

Latisse may darken the skin where the product is applied. If this discoloration occurs, it is usually not permanent and resolves after discontinuation of the medication. Slight redness and irritation may occur to individuals with allergies or sensitive skin. There is no harm if the product gets into the eyes; however, few patients with light-colored eyes have reported eye color darkening. 

Contact your physician with any unusual side effects or concerns.

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Latisse Do's And Don'ts

  • Use every night for 16 weeks
  • Continue using Latisse. Lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance if you stop
  • Only use the sterile applicators supplied with the Latisse kit
  • Always blot excess solution with a tissue
  • Remove contact lenses prior to applying Latisse solutions; reinsert 15 minutes after application
  • Don't try to play catch-up if you miss a dose. Just apply it the next night
  • Don't double up on Latisse doses - this won't increase eyelash growth
  • Don't apply directly into the eye or lower lid
  • Don't allow the top of the bootle or applicator to touch any unintended surfaces, as contamination by common bacteria is known to cause infections
  • Don't rinse your eye if you get Latisse solution in your eye; it is not expected to cause harm

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