About Us

About Galt Dermatology

Galt Dermatology isn’t your ordinary dermatology office.

This is dermatology “the way it used to be” with a focus on the patient/physician relationship.

We take pride in providing access, excellence, and quality patient experiences through the direct care dermatology model. We practice patient-centered medicine with ethics and integrity providing value to our patients through a better patient experience, increased quality of care, and better outcomes.

Our Company Values

Nurture the Patient/Physician Relationship

Transparency in Pricing

Integrity and ethics in dermatology

Maximize the value of our patient's time and money

Who We Serve

We work for our patients, not the insurance companies.

But do not mistake us for a concierge office. We are open to all and offer adult and pediatric dermatology services to the residents and visitors of South Florida. We have many patients from the LBGTQ community, busy professionals, residents, and visitors to our beaches. We take the time to get to know our patients and work to accommodate their needs. We reserve times for same-day and same-week appointments with convenient online booking.

Family-Run Solo Dermatology Practice

Our healthcare industry has been undergoing a wave of private equity mergers and acquisitions. The specialty of dermatology is no exception with many solo derm practices disappearing to private equity and banks. 

How does this affect you? 

The increase in private equity is driving down the quality of medicine and placing the bottom line ahead of your health. This has given rise to “skin mills” and you may have already experienced the decreased quality of care that is plaguing medicine.

Quality of care decreases when banks control patient outcomes.

In our small solo physician office, we treat our patients like family. Our company values are the driving force to "fix our broken healthcare system", increase access to care and give our patients the freedom to choose their physician.

Why is the practice called Galt Dermatology?

The name comes from the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s work Atlas Shrugged.  

“Who is Galt?” 

“The virtue involved in helping those one loves is not ‘selflessness’ or ‘sacrifice’ but integrity.”

– Ayn Rand

In the book, John Galt rejected the status quo and he understood his true potential to create and work. Patients who join us in “Going Galt” will benefit from the care that a board-certified dermatologist provides without interference from government or insurance companies. We seek to create a solution to today’s healthcare shortcomings and offer additional choices for our patients through our direct care Time for Your Skin Model. We believe there is a better alternative to traditional based care that is failing to meet patient’s needs and contributing to physician burnout and shortages. 

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