A Revolutionary Skin Care Regimen: Skin Type Solutions

What’s your skin type? 

You may think that you have the answer to this question by looking in the mirror. Shiny nose? Oily. Cheeks become flakey in colder seasons? Dry. The truth of the matter is that your skin is far more complex than a single skin type. And as time goes by, your skin changes as well. Understanding your skin type and using products that were carefully developed to make changes to your skin is so important. However, most consumers are missing the mark and using a skin care regimen that is not suitable for their skin, resulting in irritation and financial waste.

Author of New York Time’s best-seller, and renowned dermatologist, Dr. Leslie Baumann, knows that everyone’s skin is just as unique. So, she developed Skin Type Solutions system to achieve an accurate diagnosis of your unique skin type and a regime that fits the bill.

What is Skin Type Solutions? 

Skin Type Solutions is a revolutionary skin-typing system that was developed from the research of Dr. Baumann. What Dr. Baumann had found was that there are sixteen different skin types. This explains why certain products aren’t cutting it for your skin or why the suggestions from a friend or retail cosmetic associate may prove to be wrong.

Getting started with the system, you are introduced to a skin-typing quiz. This quiz will bring you a result of a four-letter, color-coded skin type that will allow your physician to create a routine best suited for you. 

The Difference Matters

Skin can be complex to truly understand. Before Skin Type Solutions came about, there wasn’t a trusted system in place designed to get an accurate assessment for your skin. Oiliness, rosacea-prone, acne, and photoaged are all types of skin issues rarely addressed in typical skin-typing. With Skin Type Solutions, we’re able to establish a link between physicians and over the counter skin care products. Various brands are recommended and used, which is also a large stand out from other companies and brands that offer skin quizzes. Not to mention, Skin Type Solutions having patented, research-backed data behind its algorithm. 

After taking the quiz through our website, you will receive your results on your skin type and a brief description of what it all means. From that point, you will enter a virtual consultation with one of our board-certified physicians to further discuss your results and your regimen. Your regimen is built with a custom blend of cosmeceutical and prescription products, which gives yourself as the patient, far more diversity and accessibility to products.

Your physician will send you a document with your regimen listed and give your direction on how you can use the Skin Type Solutions portal to purchase your products. You can also look over the ingredients, and see all the recommended skin types for your product!

I’ve Always Thought My Skin Was Dry! What Else is There?

Your skin may be dry, but are your cheeks quite rosy? 

This may be because your skin could be DSPT (dry, sensitive, pigmented, and tight). Skin Type Solutions was developed to understand that everyone’s skin is on a spectrum when it comes to typing and diagnoses. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these skin types:


Dry, resistant, non-pigmented, tight. With this type, you’re able to use products with higher actives, such as retinol. However, it would help if you also kept in mind with dryness, you’ll have sufficient protection with your moisturizer to protect your skin barrier. 


Dry, resistant, non-pigmented, wrinkled. Skin is more prone to aging, so keeping skin sufficiently hydrated and consistent use of your SPF.


Dry, resistant, pigmented, tight. Pigmented skin has a higher concentration of melanin, often a sign of skin damage or aging. As a resistant skin type, this skin is not easily sensitized. 


Dry, resistant, pigmented, wrinkled. This skin type is more susceptible to signs of aging. With pigmentation, you may also experience sun spots, freckling, and uneven tone.


Dry, sensitive, non-pigmented, tight. A common typing, this skin type has a higher tendency to flare or become easily irritated. You may also be more prone to experience irregularities and acne. Aging isn’t as much of a concern with this type. 


Dry, sensitive, non-pigmented, wrinkled. This skin type is prone to blemishes and sensitivity as well. However, you will also be recommended products to protect your skin from its sensitivity to aging. 


Dry, sensitive, pigmented, tight. Skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation than others, so specific ingredients and recommendations to avoid over-exposure to the sun would be advised.


Dry, sensitive, pigmented, wrinkled. Given issues with pigmentation and sensitivity, this skin type will be more likely to scar from breakouts than another skin type may be. Products will be recommended to aid in lightening and preventing scarring. 


Oily, sensitive, non-pigmented, wrinkled. This skin type can be prone to signs of aging. Calming products with anti-inflammatory properties will be recommended.


Oily, sensitive, pigmented, wrinkled. An oily skin surface, easily inflamed, and ultra-sensitive to exposure to the sun-it is of high importance to take great care of this skin type. 


Oily, sensitive, pigmented, tight. Hyperpigmentation may become an issue with the skin type following any possible breakouts or similar sensitivities. A quality SPF and non-comedogenic treatment will be recommended. 


Oily, resistant, non-pigmented, tight. This skin type is slower to age and considered to be the ideal skin type. Being that you aren’t overly sensitive, you will be recommended products with higher concentrations of actives.


Oily, resistant, non-pigmented, wrinkled. At a higher risk to experience signs of aging. However, since the skin is more resilient, you can also tolerate products with higher actives, which will be recommended as part of your regime. 


Oily, resistant, pigmented, tight. Sensitivity to scarring and hyperpigmentation are higher. Because of increased sebum production and pigmentation, aging is less of a concern with this skin type. 


Oily, resistant, pigmented, wrinkled. This skin type may experience signs of aging. Products with higher concentrations of actives would be recommended. 


As we can see, there is much more to your skin type than what meets the eye. With guidance from one of our board-certified physicians, you’ll have everything you need—from the order of application to the complete understanding of your skin care regimen to fully transform your skin.