Is Your Skin Ready for Summer? Dermatologist’s Summer Skincare Tips

Despite our recent shelter-in-place, summer is here, and it’s best if your skin’s prepared. As temperatures rise, so does concern for the health of your skin. Luckily, Dr. Miguel Villacorta knows just what you need to stay safe while enjoying the sun.

Fun fact: Our dermatologists spend just as much time in the sun as you do. 

While it may be their job to keep their skin healthy, they’re subject to the same risks as the rest of us. From skin cancer to preventing breakouts, Galt Dermatology’s expert physicians have your summer skin routine covered.


A year-round staple becomes non-negotiable in the summer months. 

Your skin tends to produce more oil in the summer. To keep breakouts at bay, use a gentle hydrating cleanser each morning and evening for those with dry skin types or a foaming cleanser for oily skin types. Remember to remove makeup before sleep each night, too, as this is the number one culprit for clogged pores.

Less is More.

As we peel the layers off from our wardrobe… we should do the same for our summer skincare. Swap your heavier creams for gel-based formulas, and oil cleansers for simple, foaming washes. If you have a dry skin type, you shouldn’t be using any gel-based products anyway, as it will dry you out too much. 

If you are prone to breakouts, try opting for a lightweight moisturizer that is already enhanced with an SPF of at least 30+. With fewer layers, comes less of a chance to clog pores and overdo your routine.

Show Your Skin Some (T.L.)C.

Antioxidant treatments are crucial for bright and healthy skin, especially in the summer months. 

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and free radicals pose a threat to the skin, heightening the potential to develop skin cancers and experience signs of aging. With Vitamin C, there’s less reason to fret. 

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, and it also works to fight hyperpigmentation, improve the production of collagen and elastin, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C can be found in serum treatments and used by our physicians during certain peels and medical-grade facials. At Galt Dermatology, we provide Vitamin C treatments from botanical companies that suit sensitive skin to medical-grade products for ultra strength. Speak with your physician to find which Vitamin C treatment will work best for your skin. 

Keep Exfoliating. 

While many patients tend to overdo it when it comes to exfoliating the skin, it’s much more important to be diligent with your exfoliating in the summer months. An easy way to exfoliate more often without stressing the skin is to utilize AHA’s, (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) that use chemical compounds and gentle acids to unclog pores and remove dead skin buildup that may be causing your breakouts. 

AHA’s are found in a variety of skincare products today: from cleansers to treatment pads. Galt Dermatology also offers chemical peels and treatments using Alpha-Hydroxy Acids as a form of exfoliation.

Hydrate Inside and Out.

Most of us are well aware of the importance of drinking water in the summer (8-10 glasses per day will yield your best results), but keeping the skin properly hydrated is still just as crucial when things heat up. 

Skipping your moisturizer after cleansing may cause the skin to produce more oil without sealing in a healthy amount of moisture first. In turn, this yields the opposite result of what you’re looking to achieve: a matte, clear complexion.

Sealing moisture into the skin using a lightweight moisturizer also provides a layer of protection from free radicals and other aggressors. When used in combination with the right SPF, you’ve struck the perfect balance of adequate moisture and barrier protection. 

Protection Beneath the Surface.

Last, but never least is to use a quality SPF. While sun overexposure may lead to cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles and age spots, 1 out of every 3 cancer patients suffers from skin-related cancer. When shopping for an SPF, opt for a broad spectrum of at least 30+. Reapply every few hours, and don’t forget to keep the skin on your body protected too.

Regular treatments and facials will help keep your skin clear and healthy, and ensure your home skincare products work to their fullest capacity. Book with us today, or call us to schedule your appointment at (954) 463-5406. We look forward to helping you achieve your perfect summer complexion!