Skincare, Uncomplicated. The Ideal Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

Over recent years, skin care products and suggested routines have become a complex and misunderstood topic. Galt Dermatology has helped thousands of patients to understand their personal skin care needs and which products are best suited for them. Often, patients new to our office visit with a great deal of frustration, overwhelm, and often—skin reactions from the myriad of products they’ve purchased and tested. 

Our dermatologists take the best of care to ensure patients understand the unique qualities of their skin. Everyone’s skin is incredibly different and requires different products and ingredients to achieve desired results. 

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Simplicity is bliss 

After a night’s rest, it is ideal for keeping your morning skin treatments to a simple minimum. A gentle cleanser selected for your unique skin type is optimal. If your skin is not sensitive, follow your cleanse with a potent vitamin C serum to brighten dullness and assist with pigmentation issues. Finally, using a moisturizer enhanced by an SPF of 30+ to follow your cleanse keeps the skin well hydrated and protected from UVA/UVB and blue light throughout the day. 

A Gold-Standard Night Regimen

During the night, your skin is working hard to repair and restore itself to a more youthful appearance, and overall better health. Using a cleanser aligned with your type of skin will gently remove traces of makeup and excess dirt and oil. Post-cleanse serums and treatments will vary heavily depending on age, lifestyle, and skin concerns. It’s essential to consult with your dermatologist to discuss the best options for your routine. Retinol treatments work exceptionally well for most skin types, smoothing rough texture, accelerating collagen production, and slowing the natural aging process. A word of caution: retinol treatments and creams are often misused. To find a formula best fit for your skin and instructions for proper use, contact our office for a consultation. 

Universal Skin Tips

No matter what skin type you have, there are some standards to keep in mind to maintain a healthy complexion. Ensuring that all makeup is removed at the end of the day is the biggest to support a blemish-free complexion and keep the skin healthy. 

Consistent use of a high-quality SPF will prevent cellular damage, sunspots, and chances of skin cancer. And when choosing a treatment, talk with your dermatologist regarding your best options for a highly active skin treatment. Many over the counter products sold in beauty stores contain a low concentration of the advertised active ingredient, or a hefty amount of fragrance, which may irritate skin long term. 

Whether oily or dry, the daily use of a moisturizer will keep skin hydrated and balanced. Not all moisturizers are formulated with the same ingredients, textures, and qualities. Contact your physician or take our Skin Type Solutions Quiz to find a moisturizer just right for you.

Which Professional Services Are Right for Me?

At Galt Dermatology, we offer a wide range of professional services to address your skincare needs. These can be just as important as your home regimen to maintain beautiful skin. Some common treatments include laser services, chemical peels, and medical and cosmetic injectables.

Despite accessibility to thousands of product options, keeping a consistent, custom routine has proven to be the most optimal and beneficial route to achieve the desired results. A fresh, youthful appearance can be risked with the use of products that wouldn’t be optimal for your skin. And often, you’ll find faster and desirable results from simplifying your routine. The goal with any routine is to balance your specific concerns with your desired outcomes.