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Coral Ridge Newsletter Dec 2019 Cover
December 2020

Dermatology For All

Dr. Villacorta was featured in the December edition and his partnership with a well-known local dermatologist, Dr. Peter Babinski. Learn how you can benefit from Galt Dermatology's novel practice model.

Harbor News - Feb 2020 Cover
February 2020

Merkel Cell Carcinoma - Deadlier Than Melanoma

Many are aware of the dangers of melanoma but are you aware of a deadlier form of skin cancer? In the February 2020 edition, Dr. Villacorta talks about Merkel cell carcinoma. Get your annual full-body skin check by a board-certified dermatologist today.

Las Olas Newsletter - March 2020 Cover
March 2020

Which Sunscreen Is Safe For Me And The Environment

Dr. Villacorta talks about the different types of sunscreens and which ones are safer for the environment.

Victoria Park Newsletter - May 2020 Cover
May 2020

Covid-19 Skin Rashes

We are discovering some interesting skin rashes associated with the COVID-19 virus. Click to read the article published by Dr. Villacorta in the May 2020 newsletter.

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