Tinea And Ringworm Treatment

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What is Tinea?

Tinea, or ringworm, is a common fungal infection. Typically, ringworm is treated on the scalp, arms, and legs, but may appear anywhere on the body. Tinea may appear similar to eczema, in rough, scaly patches, but form a distinct, ring-shape that sets them apart.

What Causes Tinea?

Yeast naturally lives on the surface of the skin. When yeast grows excessively, tinea may become the result.

Patients with oily skin, those who live in a humid, hot climate, have hormonal imbalances, or weak immune systems are at a higher risk for developing tinea.

Teens and young adults are at a higher risk for tinea due to rapidly changing hormones and the likelihood of oily skin types.

Tinea Treatments

Your physician will diagnose tinea with a physical exam. Occasionally, a skin scraping or a biopsy or removal of a small area of affected skin may be necessary for diagnosis. Once you have a diagnosis, your treatment may include:

  • Anti-fungal Creams
  • Oral Anti-fungal Medications
  • Avoiding tight clothing
  • Avoiding excess heat
  • Washing bedding frequently
  • Keeping the skin dry the skin after bathing

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