Atypical Moles (Nevi) Screenings In Fort Lauderdale, Fl

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What are Moles?

Moles are small skin or brown-colored growths that appear flat or raised on the surface of the skin. Individuals with lighter complexions are often more susceptible to moles and may develop them from early childhood. 

Mole Causes

Moles are collections or nests of the cells that create the pigment melanin. Moles develop and increase in number throughout childhood up to about age 30. Those moles that are present at birth are called congenital nevi. These moles can be quite large in appearance, and in some cases, several inches in diameter. Congenital nevi should be closely monitored and examined by your dermatologist, as they have a higher risk of developing a melanoma

Mole Treatments

Most moles, however, are benign and don't require treatment. Keep a look out for changes in moles and for worrisome signs which are now known as the ABCDE's in dermatology. These changes could be the indication of an atypical mole or a newly developing melanoma. These changes include:

  • A: Asymmetrical moles
  • B: Border Irregularities
  • C: Colors greater than 2 in a mole
  • D: Diameter larger than 6mm or the back of a pencil eraser.
  • E: Elevated or evolving (changing) mole

Discuss the formation, or any changes in your moles with your dermatologist, who may recommend a biopsy for an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Mole removal for cosmetic purposes is an option as well. This process could result in scarring, so it is best to consult with your physician to find the best option.

Mole Check And Skin Cancer Screening

Dr. Villacorta recommends a comprehensive full body skin exam for all his patients. For this reason all new patients are booked a 30 minute visit to ensure that there is time to conduct a proper skin examination.


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